Getting here....

" All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.. 


Travelling is out taking a journey and the journey to Glenfalloch Station is a

fun experience in itself....





4106 Double Hi

ll Runs Road


Methven, 7791










Allow two hours for the journey from Christchurch CBD to Glenfalloch and make sure that you keep your camera within reach !

Driving instructions from 

Christchurch International Airport

  • Take the main exit road from the airport to the major roundabout at the intersection of Russley Road and Memorial Avenue

  • Turn right and travel about 4km along Russley Road to the first set of traffic lights.  

  • Turn right at the traffic lights onto Yaldhust Road and State Highway 73. Travel along this highway for 22kms to the sign-posted turn-off sign for Hororata and Mt Hutt Skifield.    

  • Turnrn left at the turn-off and travel 26km along Bealey Roadto the small township of Hororata .  In Hororata turn left at the roundabout – signposted to Rakaia Gorge and Mt Hutt  and travel along the road for another 22kms until you reach the intersection with Highway 72.

  • Turn left and travel towards Mt Hutt. 

  •  Drive through the Rakaia River Gorge and turn right into Blackford Road- As you travel 10kms up this road it changes into Double Hill Runs Road. 

  • You will pass sheep yards and woolsheds on this stretch of road so please be aware there may be wandering stock, dogs and parked motorbikes in the middle of the road.

  •  When the tar-seal ends continue driving on Double Hill Runs Road for another 41km until you reach Glenfalloch Station at the very end of the road. 

Do not turn off at any mailbox on the road-just drive till you end up at  GLENFALLOCH 

























Courtesy of: Google Mapstm